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    • I've noticed many of us don't know much about the wheel system, and may have prejudiced it based on other peoples' opinions , so, I am here to explain it and make it more clear for y'all then you can make your mind about it. first things first: what's the wheel system in a nutshell ? the wheel system aka, "special blues" was first introduced to Isro community in 2016 or 2017 i think; as it predated the 140 cap. it relies on 3 main pillars, some sort of Alchemy materials that can increase your set parts' blue line numbers in a process so called "Wheeling" max no. of lines could be provided for each class of items are: 9 lines >> normal items // magic items 10 lines >> rare items 11 lines >> Legend items(edited) those materials names are: * Wheel of Fate ( blue wheels or fates) *Wheel of fortune (green wheels Fortunes) *Feather of pen ( simply known as pens) --------------------------------------------------------------------- What are "Wheels of fate"? It's the 1st step of wheeling you should be doing. it conducts 3 main changes to the blues: - randomly changes the number of blue lines - randomly changes each blue line's type - randomly changes each blue line's stats Video Link <<<<<<<<<<<<< description --------------------------------------------------------------------- What are "Wheels of Fortune" should be the 2nd step of "wheeling". it conducts 2 main changes to the blues -randomly changes each blue line's type -randomly changes each blue line's stats video link >> 3:36 ~4:59 Video Link <<<<<<<<<<<<< description --------------------------------------------------------------------- What are the "Pens"? those are the most specialized ones and should be your last step in the wheeling process. they conduct just 1 change to the blues -randomly change just 1 blue line's stats at a time Video Link <<<<<<<<<<<<< --------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd point debunking some false claims about the wheel system - " with that kinda excess of str and int points , PvP would be lame ,boring and zerk would be necessary to put an end for any 1 vs 1 fight". This is just a blatant lie or pure ignorance of how str/int works .. but it might be a bit comprehensible , considering all these videos about ISro clashes and fights with zerk spammers. but the fact about Str and Int points that, they don't increase just your MP and HP they greatly do increase your dmg and def as well. You can notice it by just by testing your blueless ( set) dmg then trying again with FB one. the 110 str,110 int we all should have on a FB set made hella difference right?? that's the case with the new wheel system - "Ch nukers would be op compared to Eu str builds". Well, that might be the case just at the outset, as Hybrids will make use of both Int and str points they manage to get on their sets; but later after everyone puts a hand on a good wheeled set, the Eu will go back to their superior position. last but not least I have couple words to spit out. I'm aware that some of you might be a bit upset or troubled by the idea he gonna have to start allover again, but i can assure you with this kind of in-game activities(BA/SA) rewards, your hard working throughout the last couple months on your set will pay off during those events let's be honest, we all know the server is kinda stale and stagnant. ppl are quitting right after making their sets +7 d14 !! they need a new goal, don't you think?? even if that not good enough reason for you, then you should consider that 131 ~140 mobs at ice and fire temples were worked to suit the high dmg of the wheeled sets in isro as i said before the wheel system predated the 140 cap, not to mention that lv up from 135 ~140 gonna take more time than from 1~130, especially without that ridiculously high exp from frozen tower.   The owner of the article is Canari. Sincerely, `uTube
    • Hello guys! As i stated in the title, i would like to know the benefit of Immortality items (beside the Set enforcement)? I've been asking around in the server, but the information i get vary.. So i'm trying it this way: Are there any future benefit one can get with immortal items??   Thanks in advance and have a nice day!  
    • Map: Bloody Benepika Spawns randomly on Arabia Coast Map.   -uTube.
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